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Hey All I am going to sort all my OpenGL programs within the “OpenGL Projects” section.

Pretty clever, huh?

Obviously everything posted within this section is open source— why else would you care if it was OpenGL—All this goodness comes with the disclaimer that even thought I have done as much as I can to insure the quality of my programs I do not claim the programs won’t jump out and kill you or your friends, family and/or your computer…

If this does happen—I’m terribly sorry…

Since I do use DirectX as a front-end for games occassionally, I’m electing to keep them seperated since some people might have a preference for one and not hte other. So if DirectX is your cup of tea—this isn’t the section for you.

Sunset / Sunrise Effect

Effects Used:

  • Textured Sky Sphere
  • Multi-texturing of water
  • Billboarding
  • Reflection techniques

Sunset Demo

I originally used this for a screen saver application in which the “Sunset”, “Sunrise” was based on the curent time. I had to speed things for just this release, however, I think it has some benefits when run at 24x speed. I imagined an island and a plam tree might just make this the perfect screen saver, but I leave that up to the reader.


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Posted on Apr 2, 09:15 PM by Walter Reid

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